Galilee, Israel – the beautiful land of diversity

Shakshuka – eggs in a spicy sauce – is a favourite dish for brunch in Israel. Shakshuka means “all mixed up” in Hebrew, and is a metaphor for Israel itself… surprisingly diverse not only in terms of cuisine (there are culinary influences from northern Europe, the Middle East, Iraq, Yemen, North Africa and Russia in the food here)  but also in religion – in the Galilee in Israel, Jews live side by side with Muslims, Christians and Drize and both Arabic and Hebrew are both widely spoken.So writes Anthea Gerrie who I spent 5 days travelling with in the Galilee region, on a commission for Food and Travel magazine.

As well as amazing food, Israel is also a country with stunning landscapes and some surprises too – who would have guessed that Israel was the third largest consumer of sushi after New York and Tokyo?….

Read the full article in the February print edition of Food and Travel magazine UK, out now.

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